Elementor Features

Explore the powerful features that enable you to build your website quickly and easily.


No Coding

Reach high-end designs, without any coding. The resulting page code is compact and optimized for every device.


Navigate between all page elements or layers, quickly glance custom changes and easily access them via indicators

Global Editor

Design your entire site from one place, including your header, footer and content.


A search bar that offers easy navigation between different pages & dashboard settings.


Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that save you time when performing various actions.

Shortcut Cheatsheet

A window that pops out and shows you the full list of shortcuts.

Redo Undo

Quickly undo any mistakes with a simple CTRL / CMD Z.

Auto Save

No more need to click save. Your work is continuously saved and backed-up automatically.

Revision History

With Revision History, your entire page creation process is saved and can be easily re-traced.

Draft Mode

Published a page and want to continue working on it? No problem, simply save it as a draft.

Copy Paste

Quickly copy any element and paste it to a different place on the page, or to an entirely different page on your site.

Copy Style

Copy the entire styling from a widget, column or section and paste it to another element with a click.

In-line Editing

Use the in-line editing feature to type directly on-screen, and make blog post and content writing an easy and intuitive process.

Global Widget

Save your favorite widget settings and reuse the widget on any page with a simple drag and drop.

Dark Mode

Elementor Dark Mode feature allows you to design in darker environments, saves power and is great for the environment.


Global Custom CSS

Add custom CSS globally and apply them throughout your entire site.

Background Gradients

With Elementor, it's easy to add background gradient colors to any WordPress page or post.

Background Videos

Make your background come alive by adding interesting background videos to your sections.

Background Overlay

Add another layer of color, gradient or image above your background.

Enhanced Background Images

Customize responsive background images per device, and set its’ custom position and size.

Background Slideshow

Create a slideshow and use it as the background for any section or column on your site.

Elementor Canvas

Switch to the Elementor Canvas template, and design your entire landing page in Elementor, without having to deal with the header or footer.

Blend Modes

Mix up backgrounds and background overlays to create spectacular blend mode effects.

CSS Filters

Using CSS filters, you can play around with the image settings and add amazing effects.

Shape Divider

Add striking shapes to separate the sections of your page. Make them really stand out with a variety of SVG, Icons, and texts inside the shape divider.

Box Shadow

Set custom made box shadows visually, without having to deal with CSS.

Absolute Position

Use Absolute Positioning to drag any widget to any location on the page, regardless of the grid.

One-Page Websites

Create a one page website that includes click to scroll navigation, as well as all the needed sections of a website.

Icons Library

Upload and browse thousands of amazing icons

SVG Icons

Create smart, flexible and light icons in any size. The behavior of SVG icons allow them to be super customizable.

Theme Style

Take over your theme design, including heading, button, form field, background, and image styles.

Mask Shapes

Create stylish designs for any element like an image or video by turning it into whatever shape you desire.

Gradient Button

Create beautiful gradient buttons that match the look and feel of your website.

Color Sampler

Sample a specific color from your widgets or fetch the primary colors from any image on your page.


Easy to customize

Play with the font family, size, weight, transform, style, decoration, line-Height and letter spacing.

Title HTML Tag

Setting the right HTML tag for the title (H1 or otherwise) is important in terms of SEO.

Font Preview

See a preview of fonts in the panel, so it is easier to choose the right one.

Custom Fonts

Add your own custom and Typekit fonts and use them throughout your projects.

Google Fonts

Choose from hundreds of Google fonts available in every widget with text.

Font size: PX, EM, REM

Set whether your typography is scaled using PX, EM or REM, for better responsive design.

TypeKit Integration

Add your own custom and Typekit fonts and use them throughout your projects.

Drop Cap

Make the first letter of your blog post larger, to create a stylish and distinguished look.

Text Shadow

Emphasize your content by adding a text shadow effect to any widget with text.

Text Editor Columns

Divide your Text Editor widget into responsive columns, and set the gap between the columns for better layout.


Section Width

Go beyond the oversimplified and generic page designs, by having more control over the various sections.

Section Height

Go beyond the oversimplified and generic page designs, by having more control over the various sections.

Full Width

Easily create full width pages no matter which theme you are using, with the strech section feature.

Column Width

Enter a specific column width, or visually scale the width by dragging the edge of the column.

Column Gap

Change the gaps between columns in order to let your design breathe.

Content Position

Position your column and content, and stretch the column to the full height of the section.

Margin & Padding

Set the padding & margin for sections, columns and widgets.


Put any section, column or widget in the front or back, using the Z-index feature.

Vertical & Horizontal Flexbox Alignment

Align and distribute widgets across each column vertically and horizontally using the power of flexbox.

Inline Elements

Place two widgets side-by-side in the same column with inline width or custom width.

Fixed Position

Set your widget to have a fixed position and place it wherever you like. The element will scroll alongside your user.

Nested Columns

Create advanced layouts by nesting columns inside a given column. This creates a sort of inner section crucial for certain designs.

Mobile Editing

100% Responsive

Use Elementor's extensive mobile editing tools to create a website that is truly 100% responsive.

Mobile Font Size

With this feature, you can change the font size per device.

Responsive Column Width

Choose a different column layout for mobile by changing the column width.

Padding and Margin

This feature is used to make a different padding or margin size per device.

Reverse Columns

This feature reverses the ordering of columns, so when you go to mobile the last column will appear on top.

Hide and Show Elements (Visibillity)

You can hide sections and widgets from showing on any device.

Responsive Sizing

Choose between PX EM % and VH for sizing inside Elementor.

Theme Builder

Display Conditions

Decide exactly where your global templates appear across your site.

Header and Footer

Customize the header and footer areas of your site visually, without any code.

Sticky Header

Add a sticky header to any page, or across your website, with a click of a button. No additional plugins needed.

404 Page

Direct your visitors to custom make 404 pages that can be built entirely inside Elementor.

Archive Page

Design your entire blog in Elementor, or designate different templates to different areas of your blog.

Single Post

Create your blog post template, and attribute it across your site or to any category, page or taxonomy.

Search Results Page

Customize your search results page, and improve the experience your users get while searching your site.

Custom Fields Integration​

Create the content fields in ACF, Toolset & Pods then visually incorporate them in any page.


Action After Submit

Decide what happens after your visitor submits a form, including the triggered integrations.

Confirmation Email

Send a confirmation email to your visitors after they submit a form.

Email HTML / Plain

Choose whether the email is sent as an HTML email, which includes HTML styling or as a plain text email.

Custom Messages

Create a custom message that is displayed in the form when the user interacts with it.

Advanced Form Fields

Upload files, add a date picker or use Elementor's other advanced form fields.

Hidden Fields

Include hidden fields in your forms, used mostly to add tracking to form submissions.

Acceptance Field

Include an acceptance field to your forms, making sure your visitors accept your terms.


Use this simple yet effective security measure to make sure your forms aren't spammed by spambots.

Form Submissions

Easily view, manage, and edit your Form Submissions in Elementor



Easily integrate to MailChimp and get your visitors added to your lists.


Easily integrate to ActiveCampaign and get your visitors added to your lists.


Easily integrate to ConvertKit and get your visitors added to your lists.

Campaign Monitor

Connect Elementor to Campaign Monitor, one of the most popular email marketing platforms, used by over 2 million Marketers around the world.​


Integrate with HubSpot, the popular inbound marketing and sales platform.


Connect Elementor forms to Zapier, and from there, you can connect to over 1,000 other apps that can integrate with Zapier.

Adobe TypeKit

Add your Adobe TypeKit key and get all your favorite fonts in Elementor.


Integrate your Discord server with forms submissions.


Easily integrate to GetResponse and get your visitors added to your lists.


Easily integrate to Drip and get your visitors added to your lists.

ReCaptcha V3

Add a security verification field service to your forms, to make sure your visitors are legit without user friction.

Facebook SDK

Intergrate to the Facebook SDK and manage the Facebook comments that you receive as an admin.


Collect group recipients to your Email marketing campaign via Elementor forms.


Get notified about forms being sent through your Slack channel.

Font Awesome 5

Choose from any of the 1500+ icons across your website design.

Custom Icon Libraries

Incorporate your favorite icon libraries such as Fontello, IcoMoon & Fontastic



Build your page piece by piece using Blocks, pre-designed and simple section templates.

Save & Reuse

After you finish creating your page you can save it to the library and reuse it with one click.

Import / Export

Export your template and import it, including images, to any other site.

Search & Filter

Locate the template that best fits your needs by searching and filtering the templates.

Embed Anywhere

Get the shortcode for any template and embed it anywhere you like.


Lightbox Overlay

Popup a lightbox that opens when visitors click on images, links or buttons

5 Video Embed Options

Embed self-hosted, external video, YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion videos in your pages.


Let your visitors play a tune while they are visiting your site, using the SoundCloud widget.

Font Awesome Icons

Add any one of the long list of Font Awesome icons available in Elementor's icon widgets.

Google Maps

Embed a Google map on your page and help your visitors pinpoint your business location.


Scroll Snap

Control your customer’s experience as they scroll through your website by snapping to a specific section on the page.

Scrolling Effects

Set a sticky header, footer or other section, and make sure your message follows your users as they scroll.

Hover Animations

Create magnificent hover animations that add yet another layer of interaction to your website.

Entrance Animations

Add hover and entrance animations and set an interactive way for your widgets to appear.


Create amazing animations and interactions when the user scrolls through the page.

Mouse Effects

Create a sense of depth by making elements move in relation to the mouse movement.

3D Tilt Effect

It allows elements to float and glide slightly as the user moves their cursor over each item.

Inner Section Widget

Use the Inner Section Widget to create advanced side by side layouts that stay in column while the user scrolls the page.


Maintenance Mode

Set maintenance mode on WordPress, including coming soon and maintenance mode templates.

Replace URL

Changed your domain? Run the Replace URL feature to make sure everything is updated with the new address.

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS to any section, column, widget or page in Elementor.

Version Control

Want to roll back to a previous version? Easily do so with just one click.

Safe Mode

Activates a safe environment that isolates Elementor from the themes and plugins that might cause an error.

Regenerate CSS

Clear your CSS files and generate new files after making changes to your pages.

HTML Widget

Enter your code directly into Elementor using the HTML widget.


Set the tag that surrounds your widget elements. You can choose from div, p, span and so on.

Image Size

By setting the size of your image files, you can reduce the loading speed of pages.

Role Manager

Restrict access to the editor altogether, or allow users to only make changes to the content.

RTL Ready

Elementor is multilingual and offers full support for both LTR and RTL languages.

Request Parameters

Track user information every step of the sales funnel, as well as to personalize the user experience.​​

Custom Attributes

Add custom attributes such as ‘ARIA’, ‘header’ or ’footer’ for each Section, Column or Widget flawlessly.


Control which new, soon to be released features are active on your site.

Compatibility Tag

Get notified about add-ons that are not compatible with your currently-installed version of Elementor.

Custom Code

Seamlessly add custom HTML values like marketing pixels, analytics, and meta tags to the head and body tags.

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